Best multibagger Stocks for 2020 to invest till Diwali 2021.

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Also, one disclaimer, that these Multibagger Stocks for 2020 me and my clients are holding at a lower price than the current ongoing price. You may consult your financial advisor before investing. Let’s begin..

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Also, two days back they already got bumper Benefit in this Diwali, as they got 1️⃣0️⃣  Multibagger Stocks for 2020 to invest. Out of which 3 I am sharing in detail.

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Stocks of DIWALI 2020 to 2021

Before you start , read the stock name + buying strategy both properly. Do not skip that part. Let’s begin

Stock No 1 

Our first stock is HDFC life. Why this stock and at which price we have to add , let’s see.

Why this sector? 

In this corona pandemic , people understood one thing that it is better to get insures because जिंदगी सस्ती नाही है. The sector I am talking about is Insurance sector which in my opinion is evergreen as just like FMCG sector this sector gets least affected even if Market crash or recession comes.

Technical Analysis of Stock no 1 

The same stock is made high of 630 and I gave this stock to clients on 560-565 in past which is best price to add in my opinion.

Stock has strong support base in the zone of 540-560 so in my opinion that’s the best price for this stock if you get it. Immediate hurdle is near 650 from where stock came down before thrice so if it comes down you have opportunity. If not then stock has easy target of 750 or more in short time. 

Past Quarterly growth of company and Past returns of Stock no 1

In year 2020 , even corona pandemic hdfc life has earned almost same profit as in 2017 so not much of big impact. Imagine when corona is gone ,the stock will rise like anything as this stock is leader in insurance sector.

When I say Multibagger , how much returns do u expect ? 

In last 5 years stock has given more than 80% returns. 

Buying strategy for Stock no 1

So in my opinion, if you want to add this stock First buy of 40% amount u can do it now. For the second buy of 40% amount wait for a range of 540-560 whenever it comes and lastly if fall like March comes then that will be the dream price of the stock. But that fall will come or not? Or this sector will fall? This stock will fall? No one is GOD here and no one knows. But it’s better to keep 20% cash to add that price. 

Stock no 2 

Our second stock is from the Textile industry and recently posted Bumper Quarterly result even in the corona pandemic. The name of the stock is SRF. 

Why this sector ?

One of the sector which is least affected by corona is Textile or chemical industry. And when we talk about this sector then SRF is the leader in that sector. 

Technical analysis of stock no 2 

If you think that this stock price is too high to invest then believe me you are making big mistake. As rate of returns are important that’s why you buy Gold not Coal to invest for long term. Now , see the chart of this stock.

This is the monthly chart of the stock. See the consistent rise in stock no matter what Indian or global market is rising or falling. Stock is silent Assassin and rising steadily. Whenever it’s started Consolidation I think that’s was for buying opportunity only.

Past Quarterly growth of company and Past returns of Stock no 1

In spite of corona pandemic see the last quarter growth in this stock and that’s the reason stock is making all time high in every month.

Now I will show what exactly the real Multibagger is 

Past one year stock has given 62% returns and asks yourself where you get such returns with such safe investment? Not just that see the 5-year return too

The past 5-year stock has given more than 300% returns. The real Multibagger guys which made your money triple. 

Buying Strategy for stock no 2

Currently stock went high after a recent quarterly result and I expect it to cool of little bit up to 4500-4700. You can buy 40% near 5000, second buy of 40% near 4500-4700 if comes and last 20% is for dream price of 3500-3700 (20 month EMA support zone)

Stock no 3 

My third stock is a leader in the auto industry. If you see the price then you might think it’s too high but if see the current valuation believe me if you invest now at the current price then before 31st Dec 2020 you will get minimum 8-10% returns. Name of the stock is Maruti and it’s current price is 6839. Why this stock and why this sector ? Let’s see.

Why this sector? 

One of the sector which got worse hit in corona is Auto industry and that’s why currently the sector is in discount. Auto , real estate. Theatre , tourism are the sectors where on can find stocks which are leaders to invest with discounted price.

Past growth of the company and Past returns

Normally , it’s not wise to buy when stock is making high , best thing is to buy when world is fearful. Stock is at discount of 3 year price and soon will catch up when world becomes normal. It’s price is down because of sector not because of its fundamental. 

See the PE ratio of stock and see the bumper discount at the moment.

Buying Strategy for stock no 3

The current price is near pivot support and the next support in the weekly chart is now at near 6400. If and only if you have a minimum of one year view then you can buy 35% at the current price, 35% near 6400, 15% near 5500 and last 15% if we get super lucky to get March low. 

Guys, it’s better to learn while earning to avoid spoon-feeding. Do check our free of cost stock market Training group /agentXT1 also for stock market trading ideas do check with 10000+ followers. 

And if you need homework or more picks then PVR is good to buy and a big discount from 52 weeks high. Can you analyze the stock and get its buying strategy. Do let me know in the comment section. Happy Diwali and God bless you all

Technical data and all details are courtesy of Zerodha kite , tickertape and NSE website. 

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