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By seeing or hearing all about stock market you might have lots of question in your mind …

What is the stock market and the basics of it? What are the technical parameters in it and how do we earn money from it?

We are here to help you with your financial stock market journey as you begin learning about stocks or stock market! Also, you will find other financial updates like mutual funds, NPS, loans, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Through our experiences in the industry/business/trade, we have found that there is an incredible amount of information to decode.

As you learn, you will discover that the information has its not been created equally. Our goal

is to help you to overcome this by presenting the facts in an honest and appropriate manner with simple and easy to understand language. we will continue to provide you with valuable information related to various aspects of this financial space. Week by week your understanding will deepen as you continue your tour with us.

ABOUT AUTHOR of this blog

My name is Sumit Somwanshi. I am active in the stock market for the past 9-10 years and before 3 years I started my official work with the name AGENT X which includes Trainer, sub-broker, Advisory services, and along with that I am a private investor and trader too.

I am B.E in telecom engineering before you ask how it’s related to the stock market …trust me ..that will have nothing to do with what I write here and that degree only helps me to set up my Business into the stock market in my struggling period …As of now at this moment I am Not SEBI registered but working on the same so just a matter of time

My Friend Nikhil Bhirud helping me in this my journey.

Why AGENT X ???

After reading and learning through N number of books, videos, and websites. Over the years. I realized there is a need for a place where people will get all information in a simplified manner…

After helping recovery of losses of my friends, colleague in by guiding them.

Finally, I decided to help people with my knowledge to earn money in the stock market so decided to take a risk then left the job and decided to devote my life to my passion for full time.

5000+ people in my telegram channel t.me/agentX1 Says for itself as their valuable trust by putting their hard-earned money as per our suggestion…and also let us know time to time about the reputation and credibility we have built together…still long way to go …

But why blog ?? reason you can’t create multiple groups for Training, for Discussion, for daily articles and for daily F&O and cash calls, mutual funds, strategies for Investment and F&O….can you? So, you need one place to make everything user-friendly and so I tried my best.

Legal Services: We do not provide any kind of legal services and we don’t share any client details with others

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